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Purr-fect pampering for cats and cat people!

West Coast Sassy Cats is a feline-exclusive grooming service, caring for cats and their families in the WestShore area of Victoria, BC. The calm, professional, compassionate grooming care is provided in a specially designed & custom-built cat grooming salon.

Each visit starts with getting to know and gently assessing your kitty from whiskers to tail, determining temperament, health, well-being, coat condition, and grooming needs. After the assessment, it’s time to get settled on the heated grooming table.


Next, we’ll take care of long nails, tangles, mats, shedding, dandruff, too much fur, “cling-ons” or even allergies to cats, and we can work on preventing destructive scratching and hairballs. Shaving, trimming, bathing, blow drying and combing are all techniques we use to help your kitty look and feel purr-fectly beautiful in our custom salon.

Cats are special and precious, and so are the people who love them. We will always be patient and caring, firm but gentle with your kitty. We have instituted the following measures to allow for appropriate distancing:  

We look forward to getting to know you and your sassy cat!

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