(250) 580-CATS (2287)

COVID-19 has caused disruption to all aspects of life.

A small, mobile grooming business is no exception.

While there is a Provincial Health Emergency, as well as a Provincial State of Emergency,

we will not be on the road.

In addition, Sally has asthma, and must practice vigorous social distancing. 


We’re working on a plan to provide some grooming for

cats who urgently need care during the shut down.

Kitties will need to come to my home (where the trailer is parked), in a carrier.

The carrier is to be placed outside the trailer, while the owner returns to their vehicle.

We’ll then bring the kitty into the trailer (in the carrier), provide the appropriate grooming,

return the kitty to the carrier, and place the carrier outside the trailer for pick up.  


We’re increasing the concentration of our hospital-grade disinfectant,

which we’ll use to wipe down the handle and door of your carrier. 


Payment can only be made online, by credit card or eTransfer. 


It is unclear when conditions will allow us to resume caring for your kitties in the normal way- 

we hope that it will be sooner than later. Let us know if you would like to come to us in the meantime.


Thank you for all the support of West Coast Sassy Cats!


Purr-fect pampering for cats and cat people!

West Coast Sassy Cats is a feline-exclusive mobile grooming service, caring for cats and their families throughout the greater Victoria, BC area. The calm, professional, compassionate grooming care is provided in a specially designed & custom-built cat grooming trailer, right outside your home.

Each visit starts with getting to know and gently assessing your kitty from whiskers to tail, determining temperament, health, well-being, coat condition, and grooming needs, right in their own home. After the assessment, it’s time to head out to the trailer in cozy and secure cat carrier, and get settled on the heated grooming table.

In the trailer, we’ll take care of long nails, tangles, mats, shedding, dandruff, too much fur, “cling-ons” or even allergies to cats, and we can work on preventing destructive scratching and hairballs. Shaving, trimming, bathing, blow drying and combing are all techniques we use to help your kitty look and feel purr-fectly beautiful in our mobile salon.

Cats are special and precious, and so are the people who love them. To earn your trust and confidence, we welcome clients to be present (or not) for all aspects of grooming. We will always be patient and caring, firm but gentle with your kitty. We look forward to getting to know you and your sassy cat!