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I can highly recommend the service of West Coast Sassy Cats. I have a black long haired rescue cat who was suffering dreadfully from the heat and from constant itching, even though she was taking flea medication. As I've only had her 6 months and she disliked being combed or having her nails clipped, I was more than a little unsure of how she would handle the "relaxing bath and blow dry", never mind a haircut. However, the minute Sally had her in her hands, my cat was absolutely calm and let Sally do whatever she needed to do. She actually did seem to enjoy the bath, and although I'm not sure she'd volunteer for another blow dry, she put up with it very stoically. It was a huge amount of work to get rid of all those fleas and fur, but she is thrilled with her new Teddy Bear cool-and-flea-free summer cut and so am I. Sally and Rob are a very professional team, and Sally is absolutely gifted (as well as very experienced) at what she does. My cat and I have both put their number on speed dial!  Thanks again! That was amazing!                                                  

Laura J.

I want to thank you so much for your extra effort to fit Sheba into your already packed schedule today. Mum is absolutely delighted with the result and she thinks Sheba looks years younger which is quite true!

Mum doesn't have a great deal of cheer in her life these days so I wanted to make sure you know that your willingness to make your own day harder has made a real difference to one elderly little lady.  Thank you!

Mum would like you to groom Sheba again in future so I'll make sure I book you well in advance next time!

Jude K.

I just wanted to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Sally for making what has always been a traumatic experience for Pumpkin so positive and pleasant.  I am in awe of her magical ability to bond so quickly with my very timid kitty and her infinite patience is beyond impressive.                                                 

Jennifer D.

Over a period of time, the condition of my senior cat’s beautiful fur had lost condition.  She was having trouble grooming the back half of her body and was developing clumps of  fur (no mats) in various areas of her coat.  She also had some dandruff.
Sally has been coming to clip Diva’s nails for some time.  Diva is not a cat who likes being “handled” for any reason and I’m always impressed with how Sally copes with this – gentle but firm in spite of all the hissing, growling and struggling.
I decided (on her vet’s recommendation) to give Diva the full spa treatment to get rid of all the dead fur and make it easier for her to take care of herself.  This was a GREAT idea.  I wish I had started doing this long ago.  First she had her usual mani/pedi.  Then a LOT of dead hair was blown out of her coat.  I couldn’t believe how much there was because I do brush her regularly!  After that she was shampooed and massaged, complaining a lot of the time (but not fighting it).  At the end, she was blown dry and placed on a heating pad to warm her up.
Her coat is back to its original beautiful condition – smooth and satiny.  I don’t know if she associates it with her “spa” visit but she’s definitely going to have this done again.  I’m sure she’s much more comfortable with all that loose fur out of her coat.


Carroll L.

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