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Long Hair Groom & Deshed

Gorgeous coats start with nails, bath, blow dry, deshed & comb out!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 135 Canadian dollars
  • Stornoway Drive

Service Description

Nail Trimming: The average kitty has 18 razor-sharp weapons of mass destruction on the ends of four very agile feet (not including all those pointed, pearly-white teeth). A quick nail trim before the groom ensures that kitty won’t snag on the carpet - or someone’s skin. Sanitary Trim: Fastidious cats (and their owners!) so hate to have nasty little “cling-ons” left over from the litterbox. Overweight or aged cats, long-haired or sloppy cats can bring “dingle-berries” with them onto fresh bedding, cozy pillows and clean couches. A sanitary trim helps ensure that “what happens in the litterbox, stays in the litterbox”. Degreasing Bath: While the warm water soothes the joints and calms the mind, the gentle massage with a made-for-cats shampoo bar removes oil, dirt and debris, refreshing the skin and hair follicles. High Velocity Blow Dry: Excess hair, tangles and dead skin are rapidly removed with the swirl of air around your kitty’s body, only to be sucked away into the powerful vacuum system. Left behind is a silky, smooth, squeaky-clean coat, free of mats and tangles. DeShed Treatment: Kitty fur gets everywhere! Although domestic cats shed more as the seasons change, our pampered pets are really non-stop shedding machines. Adding the deshed treatment to your cat’s bath and blow dry reduces the cat hair in your food, your home and your clothing.

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