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Regular grooming helps decrease shedding, dandruff, dander, matting and hairball problems.
The National Cat Groomers Institute of America and the Cat Fanciers Association
recommend the following grooming schedule for cats:

Long-haired cats: every 4-6 weeks
Medium-haired cats: every 6-8 weeks
Short-haired cats: every 8-12 weeks


What is Grooming?

Lots of people are of the opinion that cats groom themselves. What they actually do is lick themselves.
A thoroughly licked cat will spread allergens from its skin and saliva all over the house,
and it will drop fur, dandruff, bits of litter, matted clumps, hairballs, and even “dingleberries”
on your nicest furniture, cleanest carpets and softest pillows.
A professional grooming, which includes a warm, soothing, cleansing, refreshing bath
and invigorating blow dry, nail trim and sanitary trim performed on schedule every 6-12 weeks
will eliminate almost all of the skin and coat issues that living with a cat entails.
No amount of licking can do that!

Full Coat Groom
the basis of a gorgeous silky coat includes the following elements:

Nail Trimming:

The average kitty has 18 razor-sharp weapons of mass destruction on the ends of four very agile feet (not including all those pointed, pearly-white teeth). A quick nail trim before the groom ensures that kitty won’t snag on the carpet - or someone’s skin.

Sanitary Trim:

Fastidious cats (and their owners!) so hate to have nasty little “cling-ons” left over from the litterbox. Overweight or aged cats, long-haired or sloppy cats can bring “dingle-berries” with them onto fresh bedding, cozy pillows and clean couches. A sanitary trim helps ensure that “what happens in the litterbox, stays in the litterbox”.

Degreasing Bath:

While the warm water soothes the joints and calms the mind, the gentle massage with a made-for-cats shampoo removes oil, dirt and debris, refreshing the skin and hair follicles.

High Velocity Blow Dry:

Excess hair, tangles and dead skin are rapidly removed with the swirl of air around your kitty’s body, only to be sucked away into the powerful vacuum system. Left behind is a silky, smooth, squeaky-clean coat, free of mats and tangles.

DeShed Treatment:

Kitty fur gets everywhere! Although domestic cats shed more as the seasons change, our pampered pets are really non-stop shedding machines. Adding deshedding treatment to your cat’s bath and blow dry reduces the cat hair in your food, your home and your clothing.

Short Haired Cats, weighing less than 6kg: $115

Long Haired Cats, cats weighing more than 6kg: $135

Add Ons

Teddy Bear Cut:

There is nothing cuter than a kitty-shaped teddy bear! For a kitty with too much hair, a teddy bear cut will be just right to keep the kitty in a sweet, soft, easy-to-groom coat. Hair can be left short, medium or longer.  

$115 (Full Coat Groom) + $20 (Trimming) = $ 135 

For Cats with Mats or Tangles


Pelt removal, fecal matter removal and ingrown toenails will incur additional charges.

Lion Cut:

When a kitty’s skin and coat has been left to accumulate oils, dead hair, dead skin and debris, tangles and mats may worsen into a thick pelted mess. When kitty is severely matted or pelted, a lion cut to remove the mats, followed by a bath and blow dry, will give a clean slate for healthy skin and coat to regrow. Shaving a cat which is pelted or matted will dramatically change the appearance of the cat, which can cause some dismay for both the cat and the owner! It may also expose pre-existing skin conditions, including mat “scarring”.


$135 (Full Coat Groom) + $60 (Shaving) = $ 195   


Those naughty knots! After the bath breaks down the skin oils and “goo” holding the tangles together, the high-velocity blow-dry loosens the knots, and the remaining tangles can be flicked out with a sturdy comb. The dematting process can cause patchiness and hair loss & some owners do not care for the look of the cat’s coat after dematting.


$135 (Full Coat Groom) + $45 (Dematting) = $ 180   

Stand Alone Grooming Services


Kitties who are getting only a nail trim or nail caps get snuggled into Sally’s lap right in their own home for a quick pedicure.


Nail Caps Application:

Some kitties need help to stop destroying furniture. Stylish vinyl caps applied to the claws every 6-8 weeks will keep your couch and your cat looking so fashionable.





Additional cat discount:
The second (and subsequent) cat getting a grooming treatment during the same appointment as the first cat will receive a discount of $10 per cat.


May be made by cash, cheque, credit card or email money transfer to

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